Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Toward a definition of videoblogging

Today during class, we did some brainstorming to get closer to a definition of videoblogging as we've experienced it. Some of our tentative conclusions included:

  • Videoblogging is a practice.
  • It's a means of creative expression through video that gets internalized into your everyday life, and can even be defined as a way of life.
  • It's necessarily personal, even when it's fictional or poetic.
  • It's about process and intent, not product.
  • It stands in contrast to the conventions of mainstream media--it's about conversation, expression, and personal intent, not about revenue, ratings, or viral video.
Here's the board after our brainstorming session:

And, like good vloggers, we had to document our work using the handheld devices we keep available at all times:

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zach said...

oh goodness. what will people think?

Sean said...

I feel kind of dirty. In the kind of good way??? Awesome.